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Erasmus +

Scoil Mhuire Lourdes is currently working on an Erasmus+ project with six partner schools from  across Europe  – Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden, Wales, Austria, & Turkey.

It is an environment based project entitled    ‘Look out of Your Window’

It is a three year project and is funded by the European Commission.



“We don´t have time to wait for a hero who might come and save Earth. We need to create our own heroes, we all can be a planet hero. Wake up and do something!”

Through this project we want to make the pupils aware of how their activities are influencing the environment. Pupils will learn to recognize the status of the natural environment, which surrounds them. We want to show the pupils through this project how much valuable, natural resources they are consuming and how large a part of this will end up as waste. Through this project, we will show them ways to reduce the consumption of resources to prevent the creation of waste. We want to show them a smart approach to sustainability.



The objective of this project is to lead the pupils to Celebrate their newly developed ability to protect the environment through intelligent use of resources by:

  • making pupils aware of how their actions influence the environment
  • helping pupils understand that we use and waste vast amount of natural resources
  • helping pupils understand we can reduce our consumption of natural resources and also reduce the creation of waste.



Year 1:                  Water  – Sources

How we use water

How much we use

How we can reduce consumption

Year 2:                  Paper –  Origin



Reduce /Reuse / Recycle

Year 3:                  Crude Oil  – Importance & Origin



Reduce / Reuse / Recycle



Communication with our partner schools on the project will include

Project Meetings  ( Teachers visit partner schools to discuss, monitor and evaluate project progress

Email ( Teacher to teacher and pupils to pupils)

Skype (Teacher to teacher and class to class)



Collaborative Story about a raindrop entitled ‘BILSWATer’      – download and view our story here

We hope at the end of the project to produce a collaborative booklet of worksheets on the three project topics that can be used in schools.

During the course of the project the pupils will engage in various activities based on the three topics to include experiments, fieldtrips, workshops, presentations etc.

The pupils will also research and create projects on each of the partner schools to gain a better knowledge of other European Countries.



Skype Session with Sweden 3/12/’15

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