Physical Activity

Our children get two active playground breaks per day. The children are encouraged to do their walking while they’re talking.
For our running initiative, we have decided to ” Run to School Tour Fun”. This involves every class running the distance to their school tour. Each class has a chart on their door marking their progress! It is great fun and there is a great sense of achievement! Here are 5th class on their first and last laps!

Active Assembly

Every Friday, we bring the whole school together to take part in an Active Assembly. This is great fun!

Slogan Competition

Congratulations to Adam Kiely from 3rd class who won the competition with his slogan.
Get up, Get Wise and Exercise!

Active Homework!

For June, every class will get some Active Homework to do! The time will depend on what class your child is in.

Teachers Vs Students….

We are always sad to see our 6th class leave us! However, the teachers decided to challenge them to a soccer game against them, in conjunction with our Active Flag initiative! Here are some very fit students and teachers!


For Halloween we took Michael Jackson’s Thriller and re- created it! Here is a short clip of 4th class!
At Christmas we decided to take our boys back to the 90’s and organised a giant flash mob of the 90’s classic “Saturday Night” in the halla! The boys loved it!

Fitness February

“Fitness February” is here !! Our wonderful Active Flag reps have created a 10 min exercise routine that we all take part in straight after big break in our Active Lines! Here are some pics of our reps leading the routine.

Ceilí Mór

To celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge, we organised a huge Ceilí in our halla! Smiles and fun all round!

March Mania

“March Mania” brings our “Drop Everything and Move” initiative. Our reps announce it sometime between small and big break and everyone takes off! 

Easter Egg Hunt

For Easter we organised an Easter Egg hunt! Here are some of our infants as they set off on theirs!

Soccer Marathon 

Our wonderful parents association have come on board and organised a Soccer Marathon as part of our Active Flag endeavours. Here are some pics of our boys being active and enjoying themselves.

Indoor Activity 

All classes take 10 mins of physical activity in the classroom each day. Here are 3rd class enjoying  an Operation Transformation workout!

Martial Arts

We invited Steve Collins to come an give the boys a martial arts taster session. This was a very successful venture and Steve now takes a martial arts class after school once a week


Walk to School Week

Walk to school Week is an Active Flag initiative. Our date is yet to be decided and parents will be informed in due course. Our plan on the day is for all children to meet at the soccer club and walk to school together with teachers and member of the parents association